Chris Haslinger


Chris Haslinger is an accomplished professional within the United Association (UA), currently serving as the Administrative Assistant to the General President. Over his distinguished career, he has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s strategic direction, bringing an invaluable blend of technical proficiency and leadership acumen to his role. Haslinger possesses a deep understanding of pipe fabrication operations and the fabrication agreement, informed by hands-on experience in the field and administrative capacities.  He currently has oversight of the National Minimum Standard Agreement for a Commercial Pipe Fabrication Shop and co-chairs the UA-PFI Strategic Planning Committee.

Beyond his contributions to the UA, Haslinger is a respected figure within the broader mechanical contracting sector. His industry insights and cooperative spirit have fostered fruitful partnerships with entities such as the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and the Piping Fabrication Institute (PFI). Always at the forefront of industry innovation and standards, Haslinger’ s unwavering commitment to excellence & continuing education and his dedication to worker rights and safety remain his driving forces. His ongoing efforts continue to solidify the UA’s standing as a leader in the pipe fabrication industry.