Steve Hinshaw


Steve Hinshaw is a key figure at P1 Group, where he applies his vast knowledge and experience in the mechanical and industrial engineering sectors. Over the years, he has demonstrated exceptional expertise in areas such as pipe fabrication, design-build processes, and project management. Hinshaw’s deep understanding of the industry’s technical nuances, coupled with his strong leadership capabilities, has been pivotal in steering P1 Group to new heights of success. His work in fostering collaborations, including the relationship with the United Association (UA), has contributed significantly to P1 Group’s reputation as a leading provider of construction services. Beyond his immediate responsibilities at P1 Group, Hinshaw has been an active participant in broader industry discourse. He has shared his insights and perspectives at several major conferences and events, enhancing the understanding of the sector’s evolving landscape among professionals and stakeholders alike. His commitment to promoting best practices, driving innovation, and improving industry standards is well recognized. His forthcoming co-presentation with Chris Haslinger at the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Fabrication Conference exemplifies his ongoing dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry.