Breakout Session: Industrialized Construction – Getting to the Next Level

Construction and manufacturing are in a moment of transformation, with industrialized construction (IC) approaches like prefab manufacturing redefining project delivery. Many mechanical contractors have prefabbed for decades, but that experience won’t necessarily be enough to meet the moment — now and in the future, entire project teams and organizations need to embrace IC to get more efficient and meet staggering, and increasing, demand.

But how do you get started on that journey? You may have tactics in mind to make operations more successful and repeatable, but how do you know which ones will yield results, or what to try first? And how do you get the buy-in and budget needed to make big changes? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to assess what’s really happening in your teams and shop floor, how to take simple steps to embrace continuous improvement and innovation, and how to gauge and communicate about the success of IC approaches. You’ll also hear stories about how other top companies have improved their bottom line.