Conference Opening Session

McKinstry Company Corporate Overview
Representatives of McKinstry provide an overview of the markets that they serve, the areas that they operate and the philosophy behind their fabrication process.

Dean Allen, CEO
Brian Antonsen, VP of Sales, Construction
CJ Best, Director of Manufacturing


Productization and Hanger Optimization
With digitization of fabrication workflows, hanger assembly can be extremely precise and organized.  The problem that most contractors are seeing is that this added organization can cause more complications on a jobsite.  Jim Tedrow of Modern will walk people through the progression of how their company addresses hanger fabrication, simplifying the process and making drastic reductions of build and install time.  He will share examples of their workstation design and showcase tools and equipment used in the field to facilitate rapid hanger placement.

Following that discussion, Jim will explain how Modern has taken this idea of simplification and applied it to their design and fabrication processes through productization.  In a collaboration with both their VDC and manufacturers, they have created a generic product catalog of typical items including carrier units, stub outs, shower valves and laundry basins.  It allows for design teams to use repeatable items in drawings and fabrication to ramp up production earlier in the process.

Jim Tedrow, Piping Operations Leader, Modern
Brandon Minick, Director, Virtual Design & Construction, Modern