Food Lifeline Community Service Event

In addition to pre-conference education sessions, MCAA is partnering with McKinstry’s preferred community service provider, Food Lifeline, to organize an optional volunteer event at the

The Food Lifeline Hunger Solution Center distributes 282,000 meals every day through a network of 350 food banks, shelters and meal programs. This amazing effort is only possible with volunteer support. We’ll sort and repack nutritious food for individuals and communities facing hunger.

MCAA is working with McKinstry’s preferred community organization, Food Lifeline, to organize a community service event at their Hunger Solutions Center. The volunteer effort will be unboxing and packing food for the local communities experiencing hunger. Busing will be provided by MCAA to the Hunger Solutions Center, departing the hotel at 12:15 PM and returning at 3:30 PM.

Participants will be given a commemorative sweatshirt and have the opportunity to work with McKinstry leaders, Nate Smith (Business Unit Manager, Manufacturing) and Mike Cleek (Director of Shop and Field Operations).
Participation requires advanced registration, so please complete the registration form below. Guests may participate as well but require separate registration.

Register here to Participate.