Opening General Session

The opening general session will introduce everyone to the newly revised format of the MCAA Fabrication Conference and introduce each of the four tour hosts.

UMC, Inc. – The primary tour host will showcase their new fabrication facilities as well as showcase their digital integration.  Their tour will include fitting and plumbing.

SJS Mechanical – Focusing on plumbing and light commercial fabrication, SJS is relatively new to fabrication with their facilities open only three years.  For contractors new to fabrication, this is a great demonstration of how innovation can be used in the beginning stages in smaller facilities.

MacDonald Miller – Although they are a multi-trade fabrication facility, this tour will focus on MacDonald Miller’s approach to Sheet Metal fabrication.  They will also focus on how space limitations can be overcome for material handling.

Shinn Mechanical – Using modern ideas and innovations throughout their shop, this tour will focus on sprinkler fabrication.