November 2-4, 2022
The Westin Seattle – Seattle, WA

MCAA’s Fabrication Conference attendees represent the greatest collection of experience and expertise when it comes to fabrication and offsite manufacturing. Exchange ideas with your peers throughout the conference to gain valuable feedback on new tools, processes and technology that innovators around the industry are using.

The 2022 MCAA Fabrication Conference is powered by MSUITE, makers of BIMPRO, FABPRO and FIELDPRO. MSUITE is a cloud-based suite of management software to connect BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams. MSUITE helps you track, manage, and share data throughout the entire life-cycle of a construction project. Stemming from a Mechanical Contractor in Iowa in 2015, MSUITE’s products have been a solution to a problem that the construction industry has needed for decades.

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Conference Program

11:00 (PST)
13:00 (PST)
Optional Pre-Conference Breakout Session One
13:00 (PST)
Food Lifeline Community Service Event

In addition to pre-conference education sessions, MCAA is partnering with McKinstry’s preferred community service provider, Food Lifeline, to organize an optional volunteer event at the

The Food Lifeline Hunger Solution Center distributes 282,000 meals every day through a network of 350 food banks, shelters and meal programs. This amazing effort is only possible with volunteer support. We’ll sort and repack nutritious food for individuals and communities facing hunger.

14:00 (PST)
Optional Pre-Conference Breakout Session Two
15:00 (PST)
Optional Pre-Conference Breakout Session Three
16:00 (PST)
Conference Opening Session

McKinstry Company Corporate Overview
Representatives of McKinstry provide an overview of the markets that they serve, the areas that they operate and the philosophy behind their fabrication process.

Dean Allen, CEO
Brian Antonsen, VP of Sales, Construction
CJ Best, Director of Manufacturing


Productization and Hanger Optimization
With digitization of fabrication workflows, hanger assembly can be extremely precise and organized.  The problem that most contractors are seeing is that this added organization can cause more complications on a jobsite.  Jim Tedrow of Modern will walk people through the progression of how their company addresses hanger fabrication, simplifying the process and making drastic reductions of build and install time.  He will share examples of their workstation design and showcase tools and equipment used in the field to facilitate rapid hanger placement.

Following that discussion, Jim will explain how Modern has taken this idea of simplification and applied it to their design and fabrication processes through productization.  In a collaboration with both their VDC and manufacturers, they have created a generic product catalog of typical items including carrier units, stub outs, shower valves and laundry basins.  It allows for design teams to use repeatable items in drawings and fabrication to ramp up production earlier in the process.

Jim Tedrow, Piping Operations Leader, Modern
Brandon Minick, Director, Virtual Design & Construction, Modern


17:30 (PST)
Reception and Mini Product Show

Enjoy dinner on your own.

07:00 (PST)
07:30 (PST)
Bus Boarding
08:15 (PST)
McKinstry Welcome
09:00 (PST)
McKinstry Company Facility Tour

The tour will cover McKinstry Company’s fabrication facilities. The full day will include ample time for discussions with company representatives. Lunch will be provided.

Tour stations will address:

  • XR in Construction
  • Diversity & Recruiting
  • Engineering
  • Detailing (VDC)
  • Leveraging BIM
  • Service/Facility Operations
  • Sheet Metal Fab
  • Sheet Metal Inputting
  • Architectural Metals
  • High Purity
  • Supplemental Steel
  • Pipe Fab
  • Plumbing Fab
  • Multi-Trade Fab
  • Shop Analytics
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Overcast Innovation
  • Fleet Electrification


14:30 (PST)
Happy Hour and Recap at McKinstry

This year, the on-site program will conclude with a happy hour at McKinstry Company facilities.  Leaders from each tour station will be in designated areas to answer questions, provide follow up or detail any process.

16:00 (PST)
Buses Return to Hotel
17:00 (PST)
Reception at Elysian Fields Brewery
Sponsored by

The day will conclude with a reception at Elysian Fields, a nearby brewery in the heart of Seattle.  The reception will include food, drinks and bar games for all attendees.  Shuttles will be available until 9:00 p.m.

07:00 (PST)
08:00 (PST)
Talking Shop (Layout)

How do you evolve the layout of your shop so that you don’t paint yourself into a corner as your facilities develop?  As you incubate your shop you need to understand what types of stations to build and what to avoid.  This session will break down how do you define areas for focusing on the three P’s – Project, Process and Product.

Jonathan Marsh, Steel Toe Construction

09:00 (PST)
Electrical Fabrication

Join us as NECA panelists share three pivotal perspectives on the journey of electrical prefabrication.  Why do they do electrical prefabrication and how has it evolved over the last ten years?  What are crucial differences in starting up versus scaling prefabrication efforts in shops of different sizes and maturities on the road to fabrication?  How has lean prefabrication elevated our ability to execute prefabrication efficiently and economically?  What are the next steps as we move towards multi-trade fabrication?

09:30 (PST)
09:45 (PST)
Sheet Metal Fabrication

To successfully pre-fabricate sheet metal, companies must invest heavily in VDC, manufacturing equipment and facility space.   Panelists from SMACNA will discuss the challenges and opportunities with sheet metal fabrication. They will share the national agreements that they work in as well as local practices in order to produce off-site materials for projects.

10:15 (PST)
Aiming for Zero Rework with a Team Centered Quality Culture

John E. Green Company (JEG) has sought to define, establish and implement the steps necessary to encourage a corporate culture where quality workmanship flourishes through standard operating procedures and key processes that move it toward zero rework in both the office and field. Through the use of employee training in its’ procedures and processes, VDC, prefabrication, just-in-time-delivery, and a dedicated work force, JEG has made significant strides in its ability to install work right the first time while maintaining a team-like atmosphere.


Mike Sollars, VDC Fabrication Coordinator
Jon Gaska, Lead Quality Inspector, John E. Green

11:00 (PST)
Fabrication Lessons Learned and Program Recap

As we close out the conference, we will recap the lessons learned, what we want to investigate more of and what ideas we are bringing home to our companies.

11:30 (PST)
Program Concludes
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Our host company this year, McKinstry, was founded in 1960 and has grown into one of the largest MCAA members in the country.  They design, build, fabricate, install and maintain buildings across the US with locations in 10 cities across the West, Mid-West and South.  Their headquarters operation in Seattle, Washington is a multi-building campus that includes fabrication, design, coordination, facility maintenance, incubator space and a public showroom for some of their services.

McKinstry is advancing how the world engineers, constructs and cares for high-performing built spaces. Relentless in their pursuit of transformational change, they are problem solvers compelled by shared vision, mission and values to eliminate barriers standing in the way of a better built environment.

McKinstry operates a regional network of fabrication facilities across the Pacific Northwest. More than 200,000 square feet of shop space allows them to push innovation and develop new approaches that increase quality, safety and cost-savings through a controlled, purpose-built manufacturing environment for mechanical, electrical plumbing, fire protection, architectural metals and other building systems.

MCAA extends its appreciation to all prior hosts:

Fabrication Committee:

CCI Mechanical
Hill Mechanical
Smith & Oby Company
H. T. Lyons
Dunbar Mechanical
Current Mechanical
C J Erickson Plumbing
Murray Company
Dynamic Systems
W. E. Bowers
Neptune Plumbing
Shinn Mechanical

ACCO Engineered Systems
CFI Mechanical
Binsky & Snyder
J F Ahern
The Baker Group
Mechanical, Inc.
John J. Kirlin
S.A. Comunale
Broadway Mechanical
Humphrey Co.
J.W. Danforth Company

Jay Rohan, Committee Chair & Sr VP, Dynamic Systems
Mike Bement, Director of Shop Operations, J.W. Danforth
Rob Cross, VP of Field Operations, Baker Group
Greg Fuller, President, North Mechanical
Ryan Hoggatt, Director of Manufacturing, UMC
Jeff Knoup, Vice President, Mechanical, Inc.
Dave Liggett, Fabrication Manager, Gorman-Lavelle
Bob Durr Jr, Director of Manufacturing, Binsky & Snyder
Mike Shinn, President, Shinn Mechanical
CJ Best, Director of Manufacturing, McKinstry
Sean McGuire, Director, Innovative Technologies, MCAA