About the Conference

We could tell you how valuable the field leaders conference is, but it probably means more to hear what other contractors and their field leaders have had to say about the program.

“Being a mechanical contractor in today’s market is as challenging as it has ever been. Technology and innovation are evolving at a rapid pace and it is imperative that we make every effort to assure all of our people are trained and educated to keep pace.

This particularly holds true for our field personnel who are on the front lines daily. As a large mechanical contractor, we provide a high level of training for our people on a consistent basis, but we are constantly looking for a program that helps take that training to another level. The MCAA Field Leaders Conference fits that need perfectly.

Not only does this program provide the highest level of education and training for our field personnel, it also allows them to interact with their peers throughout the country. This interaction is invaluable and stimulates our people with new ideas and energy. Besides providing everyone with great training, they come back highly motivated to take what they have learned and push it down throughout the organization. It is truly remarkable.

I cannot recommend this course enough and, if you want to take your team, and your company to the next level, make sure you take advantage of this course. We have sent a significant number of people to previous sessions and will continue to do so as long as they are offered.

Don’t miss out. Get your people signed up today!”

Keith Atteberry, President/CEO
Marelich Mechanical, CO., Inc., Hayward, CA

Conference Highlights

Your field leaders will learn:

To view themselves as professionals.
Because that's what field leaders are!

The importance of the bottom line. 
Most of your field leaders have little idea exactly how critical their performance is to your company's profitability.

Why customer relationships matter.
Because they do! And better communication skills can strengthen those relationships.

How to establish tangible goals.
And one takeaway will be an action item list to help field leaders do just that.

What's the "smarter" way to work?
Isn't it worth a few days to find out?

Their role as the face of your company.
Field leaders are on the jobsite every day, and attitudes matter.

What it means to be a great foreman.
Who wants to be good at their job when you can be great!

Field leader attendees said...

“Thanks so much, for not only giving me work advice but also opening my eyes to things that I need to work on at home with my own family as a husband/father.”

Scottsdale, AZ, 2023

“Overall, this was a great conference! It will be massively useful on the job site, and in my personal life. This conference has helped me realize how to implement being a better communicator, and person. I can now begin to hold myself and other people accountable.”

Chicago, IL, 2023

“Excellent conference that contained very real topics that can be realized and used immediately. These topics also were able to be received by a broad base of experience levels. Great work and thank you to all involved.”

San Francisco, CA, 2023

I’m grateful for this experience. This conference will forever change my life. To be a better leader, community member, UA member, spouse and father.”

Des Moines, IA, 2023