Trent Leinenbach


Trent Leinenbach is an incredibly diverse and experienced professional, currently serving as a Partner and the Productivity Strategist for Steel Toe Consulting. With a background that spans across multiple disciplines, Trent has developed a unique set of skills, demonstrating his flexibility and adaptability in varying environments.

His professional journey began in the U.S. Army where he dedicated 8 years as a Psychological Operations Specialist. This experience laid the foundation for his expertise in strategy, operations, and mental agility. Serving his country taught him the value of perseverance, discipline, and teamwork – traits that have since remained with him and been invaluable in his subsequent career paths.

Following his military service, Trent pursued a career in the mechanical contracting industry. Over a span of more than a decade, he worked in various roles, including Plumber, Project Manager, and VDC Director. This experience exposed him to the intricacies of physical labor, project planning, and team management. His tenure in this industry has not only equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of mechanical systems but also nurtured his project management skills.

Currently, Trent is making significant strides as a Productivity Specialist at Steel Toe Consulting. Here, he combines his extensive experience in psychological operations and project management to help businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. Trent’s unique skill set, coupled with his innovative thinking, has proved instrumental in identifying bottlenecks and proposing viable solutions.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Trent possesses a vibrant personality reflected in his hobbies. He is an accomplished drummer, showcasing his rhythm, timing, and musical passion. His thrill-seeking side is evident in his love for racing Porsches, a hobby that provides a high-adrenaline counterpoint to his professional life.

Trent Leinenbach’s career journey is a testament to his dynamic character, showcasing the ability to adapt and excel in a range of environments. His unique combination of military service, practical trade experience, and consulting acumen provides him with a broad perspective that he successfully applies in his current role. Whether on a construction site, in a boardroom, or behind a drum set, Trent’s passion, dedication, and drive shine through.