Breakout Session: Model Based Fabrication (MBF)

In this breakout session at the MCAA Fabrication Conference, Jeff Elwell, Chief Technology Officer at EM Duggan, will delve into the transformative impact of model-based fabrication in plumbing and mechanical construction. Model-Based Fabrication (MBF) leverages 3D models to streamline and enhance the fabrication process by integrating design, manufacturing, and quality control into a unified digital workflow. This method includes embedding all necessary manufacturing information directly into 3D CAD models, such as geometric dimensions, tolerances, material specifications, and surface finishes. By doing so, MBF eliminates the need for traditional 2D engineering drawings, creating a single source of truth that guides the entire fabrication process. Attendees will gain insights into how MBF enhances efficiency and accuracy by automating various functions and integrating seamlessly with integrated tools.. Jeff will highlight the capabilities of MBF, such as cloud-based model access, real-time collaboration, and precise cutlist creation, which collectively streamline workflows and reduce material waste.