General Session: The Total Cost of Fabrication

This session explores all the costs related to fabrication, beginning with well-known expenses like equipment purchases and productivity benefits. It will also cover often overlooked factors such as building depreciation, software, and overhead costs, which significantly impact the total cost of operations.

Session Highlights:

  • Initial Costs: Review the upfront costs most contractors are familiar with, including equipment purchases and productivity-related savings.
  • Additional Costs: Discuss lesser-known expenses like depreciated building costs, software investments, and overhead, and understand how these affect your profitability.
  • Finding Your Target: Determine the target amount of work your fabrication shop needs to handle to justify its operations, helping to set realistic production goals.
  • Baseline Stats for Investment: Learn how to calculate essential statistics to assess the worth of investments in your fabrication operations.
  • Adjusting Costs with New Purchases: Explore how buying or selling equipment impacts your total costs and how this should influence your business goals and performance metrics.